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The first of these were written in Z80 to run under CP/M. Since then they have been ported to 8088 for MSDos, then to 80386 for extended DOS and, finally, to Windoze. Over the years, other assemblers have been added to the collection as projects have dictated a need for them. The latest port to Windoze is brand new, utilizing the procedures outlined on the Windoze assembly page.

These assemblers produce a common output format and use a common linker (no linker is needed or linking required to create object code from a single source file). The DOS and Windoze versions are 100% compatible with each other and are made from the same source files.

If you must know, here is the linker file format.

Type the name of the assembler with no target or options for help.

Cross-Assemblers for DOS
65C02 2006-05-25 18.97k
6805 2006-05-25 18.85k
6808 2006-05-25 19.40k
6811 2006-05-25 19.23k
68K 2006-05-25 21.12k
CPU32 2006-05-25 22.20k
8048 2006-05-25 19.31k
PIC 2006-05-25 18.35k
SH1 2006-05-25 19.83k
V8 2006-05-25 18.46k
Z80 2006-05-25 20.08k
Linker 2004-03-25 15.22k
Binary to link module converter 2004-03-25 12.89k

Cross-Assemblers for Windoze
65C02 2017-03-26 16.50k
6805 2017-03-15 16.00k
6808 2017-03-15 18.00k
6811 2017-03-15 16.50k
68K 2017-03-15 19.00k
CPU32 2017-03-15 21.00k
8048 2017-03-15 16.50k
PIC12 2017-03-15 15.50k
PIC14 2017-03-15 17.00k
SH1 2017-03-15 18.00k
V8 2017-03-15 15.50k
Z80 2017-03-15 19.50k
Linker 2016-02-14 8.00k
Binary to link module converter 2004-11-17 8.00k

Disassemblers for DOS
6805 1994-02-25 4.12k
6811 1994-12-28 6.17k
8048 1992-04-07 2.53k
8085 1993-11-20 2.65k
Z80 1997-06-20 5.53k
8086 1999-02-22 5.44k
SH1 2002-09-05 3.84k

Zipped Borland X86 assembly tools for DOS
TASM2/TLINK3 1999-02-22 98.18k
TASM5/TLINK32 2002-05-13 267.08k
Full TD 2.0 2002-10-03 443.69k
TD 2.0 (TD.EXE only) 2002-10-03 208.69k

X86 assembly source files
Basic DOS application template 2002-09-11 13.91k
Matrix screen saver 2002-07-16 12.13k
Telephone ringer 1991-09-23 1.24k
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