Work, work, work, work…
— Gov. Wm. J. Lapetemane
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This is a rotating forum of bad, hopelessly incompentent, poorly designed or disingenuous things, in desperate need of massive Internet exposure.
Bend over, Homer How wrong can you be? Spam me, please 1,000 songs in your dead battery
We ruined our one show! There are some things money can't buy Bean counters should build beans You must be a pirate
Liar, Liar! Shop, don't park We want your brain Jump the Shark!
SlaveBater, reverse and apply Privacy is dead Keep trying. Your shameless act could land you here. Keep trying. Your shameless act could land you here.
Any logos appearing on this page are likely the copyrighted property of the reprobates they represent, and are used here without permission.
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