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Windoze Command-Line Player
The Command-Line player is designed to allow other Windoze applications to play MP3 or WAV files without having to load some super-bloatware player.  Consistent with the other players, it is a small and simple as possible, requiring no Windoze install or support files and it writes nothing to the registry.
Invocation and options:
Invocation is by command line only.  The comand string should have the following format:
mp1 "Path and name of file to be played.mp3"
This string would normally be generated during the exec process by some running Windoze application or script, but could be typed into a commmand window or the [Start][Run] dialog box.
It is not recommended to use this player for music files, as it provides no control.  It plays until it reaches the end of the file and exits.  That's all it does.  If you need to do more, you should use one of the other players.
While the sound file is being played, an icon is added to the task bar tray.
It is expected that mp1.exe is someplace in the path.  If this is not the case, the full path the player must be specified in the command string.
Attempts to play a sound while one is already playing are ignored.
Volume is set to 0dB.
There are no options.
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