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MP3 Jukebox Player for Windoze
The Windoze Jukebox Player is designed to be the smallest and simplest program of its type.  When invoked, it appears as an icon in the system tray and begins randomly playing MP3 files from the directories you have specified.  It will never repeat a track and its internal playlist is unaffected by the addition or deletion of files from the MP3 directories (deleting during playback is not a good idea, however).  It occupies no space on the desktop, requires no install, requires no other files and writes nothing to the registry.
That's the player on the left, in case you missed it.
Invocation and options:
Invocation is by any of the normal means of starting up a Windoze application.  The only preparation required is the creation of an environment variable MP3PATH containing the paths to all your MP3 directories.  Syntax is the same as for the normal DOS PATH statement, i.e.:
Right-clicking the tray icon pops up a status and control menu:
Playing music on your computer could not be more simple.
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