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Netbook/Network Player for Windoze
The Netbook/Network MP3 player is designed to stream MP3s to a netbook (or other computer) and play them through an audio system.  The normal mode is to connect a stereo to the netbook headphone output jack and stream music content from a server (or other computer on the network).  This application is currently at a beta level of development, so should be considered somewhat experimental.  It has been tested extensively and has destroyed nothing, but there could be some lingering bugs.

This is a minimal player, completely devoid of features.  Since it has been optimized to do only one thing, it is incredibly small.  There is no Windoze install required and nothing is ever written to the registry.  One small support file is required, but it is simple and plain text.

Invocation and options:
Invocation is by any of the normal means of starting up a Windoze application.

Note that the left button changes to or and alters its function accordingly, depending on context.

While its window has focus, the following keys control the player:

Up-arrow Volume up
Dn-arrow Volume down
P Pause/Play
N Next track
Esc Terminate
Alt-X Terminate
Clicking on the volume display adjusts the volume to the point clicked.
There are no options.
One initialization file is required: mpn.ini. It is a simple text file, which may be created with any text editor or pasted from the example below and edited. This file can reside in any directory in the path. The preferred location is the same directory as the executable.


The first item [Played] tells the player what file it should use to save play history and where that file should be created. In this example, the file is on the server, so it can be shared, but it could be on the netbook or anywhere else on the network.
The second item [Path] tells the player which directories it should fetch and play MP3 files from. Once again, the example shows three directories on the server. They could be on the local computer, elsewhere on the network or some combination. Songs will be played randomly from these directories forever (or until they have all been played, whichever occurs first).
  • Designed for 1024 x 600 netbook display
  • Color schemes, randomly selected at invocation, created by the wife (Please blame her)
  • Defaults for missing or unitelligible mpn.ini are wrong for your network
  • Files may be added to and deleted from play directories at will without affecting player
  • NO PLAY LISTS! Please don't ask for playlist support.
  • Parsing files at startup on a slow server or network can take a long time
  • All testing done with Linux/Samba server.  Windoze server = ???
  • Tested with Windoze 98, XP and 7.  Other versions = ???
  • All graphics done with GDI because this began as an embedded project
  • Comments/suggestions welcome ([Back] and scroll to bottom to send e-mail)
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