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MP3/WAV/FLAC Player for Windoze
The Windoze decoder is designed to prove that an MP3/WAV/FLAC player can be small and simple.  It need not take over your computer and your life.  Yes, it is minimal and, no, it probably doesn't do what you want, but it is incredibly small, requires no Windoze install or support files and writes nothing to the registry.  You can try it without worry.
Invocation and options:
Invocation is by any of the normal means of starting up a Windoze application.
Files or directories may be specified on the command line, dropped onto the client window or selected by clicking
Note that the left button changes to or and alters its function accordingly, depending on context.
While its window has focus, the following keys control the player:
Up-Arrow Volume Up
Dn-Arrow Volume Down
P Pause/Play
N Next Track
Clicking on the volume display adjusts the volume to the point clicked and clicking on the progress bar seeks to the point clicked.
Hovering over the title bar pops up a window displaying track information:
There are no options.
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