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—Gov. Wm. J. Lapetemane
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Windoze has some advantages, but if you're talking to hardware, it just plain sucks. When you are doing one thing on one computer and need to do real-time things quickly and efficiently, you need an operating system that does not fight with you. The various DOSes may not be much, but at least they don't virtualize the world and disallow all contact with the actual hardware in the machine. If you disagree, please go away. This page is for my own use anyway.

MICOSYEN Utilities
E.EXE 2019-10-04 32.44k
E spell dictionary 2023-02-22 154.52k
D.COM 2002-11-14 4.40k
C.COM 2004-01-08 2.13k
F.EXE 2004-07-30 12.80k
ERA.COM 1996-10-18 0.86k
CP.COM 1999-07-11 0.57k
MON.COM 2002-03-23 14.46k
KILL.COM 2003-10-08 0.72k
KEYMAP.COM 2003-07-20 0.26k
TERM.COM 2012-12-02 7.11k
DISKED.COM 2009-04-19 6.58k
READBS.COM 2003-05-17 2.52k
PREP.COM 2004-01-01 6.32k
LFNREAD.COM 2004-01-12 1.70k
LFNWRITE.COM 2004-01-12 2.51k

3rd-Party Utilities
ZIP.EXE 1992-05-01 41.43k
UNZIP.EXE 1993-07-17 28.96k
FX.EXE 1993-02-23 108.69k
Full zipped WS 6 2000-09-28 1048.80k
TASM 2.0 / TLINK 3.0 1999-02-22 98.18k
TASM5 / TLINK32 2002-05-13 267.08k
Full TD 2.0 2002-10-03 443.69k
TD 2.0 (TD.EXE only) 2002-10-03 208.69k

MS-DOS System Files
Full(?) zipped DOS 3.3 1980-01-01 368.01k
Full zipped DOS 5 1998-09-29 1133.20k
Full zipped DOS 6.22 2005-06-13 3445.25k
DOS 7.10 (Win98SE) 2005-06-13 960.80k

DOS boot disk images
Simple and basic DOS 6.22 2002-05-15 115.31k
Simple and basic DOS 7.1 2002-05-15 208.79k
DOS 6.22 with HIMEM, EMM, RAMdisk, CD & mouse 2002-05-15 724.48k
DOS 7.1 with HIMEM, EMM, RAMdisk, CD & mouse 2002-05-15 1173.78k
DOS 7.1 for Windoze install on MP3 player 2003-11-17 435.88k
Windoze 98SSE 2002-05-15 745.61k
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