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Test compiling PHP code on a Windoze computer
You don't need to upload your source code to the server to test it. There is an easy way to test compile it on your local workstation.
  1. Extract PHP.EXE and PHP4TS.DLL from the PHP distribution or otherwise acquire these files (I copied them from a server that has PHP installed). Place both files somewhere in the path. Note that the the .DLL filename is for all 4.xx versions of PHP. The 5.xx version would most likely by PHP5TS.DLL.
  2. Create a batch file (cut and paste the three lines below):
    php -q -n "%1" > %temp%\test.htm
    "\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "%temp%\test.htm"
    del %temp%\test.htm
    Place this file somewhere in the path. Note that the name of and/or path to your browser might be different on your computer. Adjust as necessary. For that ubiquitous Microsoft virus-conduit browser, the second line would appear as follows:
    "\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" -nohome %temp%\test.htm
  3. Add a <Compile> item to the Explorer right-click context menu for .PHP files and link it to your batch file.
Now you can right-click on a PHP file, select <Compile> to test your PHP pages. No more uploading to the server.

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