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MICOSYEN Windoze Radio Controller Page
Latest software version: 2017-02-23
ScanX is port of the orignal DOS PCSCAN radio control program to Windoze.  As with its predecessor, it integrates the monitoring of Motorola type II trunked systems into a conventional scanning environment.  Any trunk frequencies assigned a talkgroup ID enabled by the user are scanned along with all other frequencies.  All other trunk channels are ignored.  Talkgroup IDs may be selectively enabled or blocked, and identifying text may be added to all talkgroups.

The program can be run in four modes:

  • Regular Scanner.  This mode requires one RS-232-controllable radio and one serial port.  Operation and capabilties are similar to normal scanning receivers, with advanced features not found in an typical scanner.
  • Manually tuned trunk control.  This mode requires two serial ports, one RS-232-controllable radio and a second radio with discriminator output.
  • Fully automated trunk scanning.  This mode requires two serial ports and two RS-232-controllable radios.  One of the radios must have discriminator output.
  • Trunk monitor.  This mode requires one serial port and one RS-232-controllable radio with discriminator output.

In all trunking modes, the radio discriminator output is connected to the computer line-in or mic audio jack with a 3.5mm cable.  Discriminator data can appear on either the left or right channel.

Unlike the DOS version, this program is designed to run as a window on the desktop, not as a dedicated, stand-alone embedded controller.  Consequently, it tries to occupy as little real estate as possible.  By default, it runs in large mode:

It may be resized by dragging the borders, or preset to medium:

Or small:

The application 2017-02-23 38.00k
World's smallest user guide (It's beta. What do you expect?) 2017-01-12 4.47k
Example Trunk ID definition file 2017-06-05 4.71k
Example scan bank file 2017-01-01 3.07k
Example indirect load file 2017-01-09 0.38k
Radios Currently Supported
Tested and known to work
Icom PCR-1000
Icom PCR-100
Icom ICR-9000
AOR AR-8000
AOR AR-3000A
Optoelectronics Optocom
Drivers linked in, but never tested
AOR AR-8200
AOR AR-5000
Icom ICR-7000
Icom ICR-7100
Icom ICR-6
Icom ICR-10
Uniden BC895XLT
Uniden BC245XLT
Generic Icom with user-specified CIV
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