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What can be said about Windoze that hasn't been said a million times already? Unfortunately, it is here and it is going to stay. There is no way to avoid it. However, the pain it causes can be alleviated a tiny bit by installing some things provided, but not generally promoted, by Microsoft.
Caps Lock and Ctrl key swapping

For Windoze 95 and Windoze 98, download the file KEYREMAP.ZIP
Unzip it, then right-click on the INF file and select [Install] . After installation, key remapping can be done by selecting [My Computer] , [Control Panel] , [Keyboard] and the [Remap] tab. All files created by unzipping (and the .ZIP file itself) can be deleted.

For Windoze NT, 2000 and XP, you need only add a Scancode Map entry to the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\
key in your registry. The key type is REG_BINARY and has the following value:

  00000000 00000000
  03000000 3A001D00
  1D003A00 00000000

Registry file to add this entry

Key mapping will carry over into all DOS or command-prompt windows.

Add command prompt to Explorer right-click menu

Download the proper registry file:

Windoze 95, Windoze 98 and Windoze ME
Windoze NT, Windoze 2000 and Windoze XP

Add the keys to the registry by double-clicking on the file or use the text in the file as a model to manually add them.

Cleaning up some stupid defaults

For Windoze XP, download and install TweakUI-XP.exe. It will do secret Microsoft things and put a link in the start menu.

For Windoze 98 and ME, download the file TWEAKUI.ZIP
Unzip it, then right-click on the INF file and select [Install] . After installation, numerous improvements to Windoze may be made by selecting [My Computer], [Control Panel] and [Tweakui]. From here, you may change many things about the way Windoze does things. Among them are the ability to remove the trash can from the desktop, the ability to remove all those choices besides Folder and Shortcut from the [Right click], [New] menu and the ability to remove Documents and Favorites from the [Start] menu. All files created by unzipping (and the .ZIP file itself) can be deleted.

TWEAKUI works for all versions of Windoze.

Improved FDISK.EXE for Windoze 98SE

The original FDISK can only handle disks up to 64 GB, due to the overflow of some 16-bit values. Microsoft has released a fixed version.

Download the file FDISK.ZIP

Once downloaded, the file should be unzipped and copied to the following directories:

Faster defrags for Windoze 98

Windoze ME is the most despicable of all Windoze, but its DEFRAG.EXE is amazingly fast and works with Windoze 98.

Download the file DEFRAG.ZIP

Once downloaded, the file should be unzipped into c:\windows

Selective startup for Windoze 2000

There is no MSCONFIG.EXE for Windoze 2000. Fortunately the version from Windoze XP works.

Download the file MSCNFGXP.ZIP

Once downloaded, the file should be unzipped into c:\winnt\system32

Turning off the Pentium serial number

Those wacky guys at Intel have seen fit to embed a serial number into the Pentium III processor so every one they make can be tracked by remote access and cross-correlated to whatever software their cohorts at Microsoft have installed on every Pentium computer ever made. We at MICOSYEN feel this is an unconscionable invasion of privacy, so a small program has been created that will disable the serial number feature of the Pentium III. The executable (DISP3SN.EXE) can be placed into the Windoze Startup directory, so it will run every time the computer is booted, it may be run at any time by clicking on it while it is displayed by Explorer or it may be run by clicking on [Start], [Run] and typing "disp3sn" into the box.

Since this disease should not be allowed to spread, assembly source code is available for those wishing to expand the capabilities of the program or embed it into larger applications. This version is designed to be assembled with TASM 5, but can be easily modified for inline C or Delphi assembly.

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